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why choose the witching hour?


provide a big band sound for a fraction of the space & price tag!

i'm essentially a one woman band with:

  • my own portable sound system (roland speaker & stand for indoor and outdoor use)

  •  high quality backing tracks

  • retro microphone, antique music stand, cinema light & set dressings 


i'll happily tailor the music to your event's needs and accomodate special requests. 

i aim to add a glam and sophisticated addition to your day in the styling & presentation of my performance. 

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my voice has a swing tone and i cover a broad songbook of jazz standards, contemporary pop, classic love songs & blues ballads. 

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i have trained as a performer all my life - raised on a healthy diet of american standards and movie musicals. over the years my passion for singing jazz and blues in particular has grown. 

'The Witching Hour' was born out of a performance at my brother's wedding years ago, largely from his desire to fill the transitional times during his special day when guests might become restless... waiting for the wedding to begin, waiting for photos to be taken, waiting for the bride & groom to arrive at the reception...


What if any potential 'witching hour' could be an opportunity for magic to happen?

...And more importantly keep the day and it's guests humming along?

on the day, my passion for singalong classic love songs kept the mood high and requests for more performances soon started flowing in. 

since then i have been honoured to sing at weddings both in australia & abroad, various conferences & events and a regular cabaret - style show in glebe.